Dog of Durango

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What is Dog of Durango?

A single mother of two is terrorized by a supernatural monstrous black dog
that will stop at nothing to dominate its prey.

When a runaway American heiress marries a farmer in Mexico to build a new life based on family and hard work, she is thrown into horrific supernatural circumstances that end in terror as she is hunted buy a ferocious black wolf like beast with flaming eyes. When she begs for help from the local church community, who believe she is cursed, they quickly step aside in fear of provoking the creatures wrath. With nowhere to turn she finds the strength within herself to stand up and slay her literal demon.

Wrapped in a horrific story of predatory evil that destroys everything in its path, Dog of Durango is a mystical metaphor that explores themes of honor, vengeance, dominance, and the voracious appetite of desire. This timely story taps into the thematic narrative that is prevalent in our current social climate culminating in the cathartic experience of destroying the physical manifestation of those who would presume to exploit a perceived physical or authoritarian advantage.