Temp Service

What is Temp Service?

Temp Service is a story of one man’s attempt to keep a job.

After signing with an increasingly inept temporary employment agency,
Billy Stilly, an aspiring fantasy writer, finds himself surrounded by a cast of sinister and questionable characters. Bystanders to this particular train wreck include Gunter, his carefree billionaire, hippy neighbor, the phone voice of his ex high school sweetheart, and his genius yet uninterested parents.

Temp Service is a junk yard of pop culture references enrobed in a fine tapestry of dark humor.

What Temp Service does, that other office comedies don’t, is provide a release valve for its viewers. Each episode explores and parodies the not so weighty tropes of the average corporate work day.  The Office BBC was incredibly successful at portraying a corporate environment, but there was never a direct focus on the artificiality of the office situation. By giving physical manifestation to the emotional aspects of office work, Temp Service seeks to shine a fluorescent light on the irrationality of corporate life.  As the audience follows Billy, they share his experience of non-sensical methodology littered with familiar and maddening characters. The insanity of that feeling is portrayed in terms of Twilight Zone horror and the bizarre whimsey of the 9 to 5 fantasy scenes.