The Team

Liam Carl is a writer, director, editor and digital designer.

For over two decades Liam has been producing studio quality digital composites for countless clients and household brands such as HBO, Syfy, and Sony BMG. As a Creative Director he has overseen all aspects of film production including but not limited to VFX, color grading, and sound design.

In addition Liam has authored dozens of short stories. “If it doesn’t scare, delight or push the audience to reconsider their surroundings and the life they lead, then it isn’t art”. LC is currently working on a black comedy feature called The Treatment and a in early stages of a Sci-fi series about the modern work place called Temp Service.

Robert M. Cluesman is a writer, producer, director and photographer.

From Detroit, MI, Robert came up in the world of DIY and Guerilla Filmmaking, is a protege of Dov Simens at the Hollywood Film Institute and produced his first documentary, Decadent Media in 1999. As Creative Director at FVA (Film Video Arts) in New York City in 2005, he worked on producing, writing, directing, shooting, editing and more on many commercials, short films, music videos, documentaries and features as well as teaching the craft to other low-income young filmmakers in the South Bronx and Lower East Side. He wrote, produced, directed, shot and edited his first feature film, Flasher, on location in Paris, France in 2008. He followed this with a series of music videos and other installation video art such as Coral Tomb by Gustav Wallace and Cadillac by Pier-Paolo Minori in Paris in 2008-9. His films have been selected by the Press Play Film Festival in New York City and his photography has been featured at the CoCA (Center on Contemporary Art) Museum in Seattle, WA., and in several other museums and galleries throughout the United States, Europe, North Africa and the Caribbean. His writing and photography has also been featured in Cosmopolitan, Movement and many other online and print publications. He has written fourteen feature films and currently resides in New York City.

Emma Enriquez is a writer, producer, director and Artist.

Drawing from her career as a civil lawyer for storytelling. Advocacy has taught her that everyone has a unique perspective. In her films, Enriquez strives to give a voice to ideas that might not otherwise be heard. Enriquez had a principal role in her brother, Andrew Enriquez, feature length neo-noir, Canvas the Night, and produced the short, It Happened on Exposition Blvd., an homage to classic noir films. Both films have been selected at numerous film festivals.

Jason William Sikora is a VFX editor.

A rare breed, Jason is not only a creative editor, but he has a broad set of technical skills. This has made him an invaluable asset to our team.